Are you tired of your alarm clock?

Great! You should try TAVO! It's an experience that you haven't felt before. It will make you fall in love with your alarm clock, sleep, and waking up.

What is the TAVO Alarm?

The TAVO Alarm is a wearable smart alarm clock. It is for the next generation of sleepers. A new way to wake up. The TAVO Alarm wakes you up silently and in your light sleep.

Why is TAVO silent?

We have grow accustomed to waking up to sound, but over the years it has become really unnatural. Loud beeping or buzzing devices next to our ears, sometimes ongoing for 15+ minutes, trying to wake us, and inevitably waking others out of their sleep. TAVO is here to change that by waking you up with a calm buzz that only you can feel.

How does the TAVO Alarm work?

The TAVO Alarm is a reimagined alarm clock that is optimized for you to wake up according to your natural sleep cycle. TAVO's algorithm makes sure to wait for you to be in light sleep to wake you. Instead of forcing you awake, TAVO notifies you with a buzz when you are already awake.

How does the TAVO Alarm wake me up?

Instead of sound like traditional alarm clocks. TAVO wakes you up vibration on a pressure point under your wrist. This vibration is just enough to give you a signal you that it is time to rise. You can also enjoy waking up discretely - not waking  anyone else up.

I’m a heavy sleeper, will the vibrations wake me up?

Regular alarms might not wake you because they're trying to wake you up in deep sleep. Unlike traditional alarms, the TAVO Alarm only wakes you up from a light sleep stage, when your body is ready to wake-up. TAVO has a couple vibration strength and speed variations to help you get used to the alarm.

What is a sleep cycle, and why wake up in light sleep?

Science time.

We sleep in 90-minute cycles. In those 90 minutes, we cycle through 4 stages: Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) 1, 2 & 3, and Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

NREM 1 and NREM 2 are known as light sleep, NREM 3 is deep sleep and REM is your dream sleep. Being awakened in deep or dream sleep leaves you feeling tired and groggy.

This is because our brain undergoes essential processes while we sleep. When these processes are interrupted it can result in us waking up feeling what we call "groggy."

Waking up in light sleep is when your body is most awake and when you will feel the best after waking up.

How is the TAVO Alarm different from other wearables?

You might want to take any other wearables off that you've been wearing during the day, they might be uncomfortable to wear too long, they might be dirty/sweaty, they might need a charge, and other various reasons why you might not want to wear one wearable 24/7.

Thats why we designed the TAVO Alarm only for sleep. The TAVO Alarm was engineered to be provide a more comfortable wake up experience. We want to be your alarm clock and will continue to make improvements so it could better adapt to how you sleep and wake up.

How is the TAVO Alarm different from my sleep tracking app?

Smartphone apps use your phone's microphone or accelerometer to track sleep. TAVO works more accurately by tracking your movements directly.


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