A personal wearable alarm clock that wakes without sound when your body is ready to. Experience the future of waking up.

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  • What's Included
  • TAVO Band & Chip Details

Band Details

• Material: 88% Recycled Polyester (RPET) and 12% spandex

• Anti-bacterial, odor & pilling resistant

• Hygienic, non-toxic, breathable

• Fast drying with moisture wicking

• Soft to touch

• Eco-friendly treatment

Chip Details:

•  Battery: 30 Day Battery Life -60mAH lithium-ion 3.7V battery

•  Bluetooth range: 15ft-30ft/5m-10m.

Size: 17mm x 25mm x 5mm

Weight: 8.5 grams

1. Smart Silent Alarm

• Wake-up refreshed by choosing a time that corresponds to your sleep cycle

• TAVO is built with Software that helps you wake up when it's most natural for you

3. Innovative Power Naps

• Power Nap: Quickly refresh with a 1-15 minute nap and wake up before entering deep sleep

• Long Nap (Full Sleep Cycle): Indulge in a deep, rejuvenating long nap when you need extra rest...

2. Expert Mode

Maximum Customization

• Set your desired sleep duration

• Establish bedtime and wake-up time 

• Receive reminders for your bedtime 

• Personalize your wake-up window

4. My Sleep Stats

• Sleep Data: Learn about your sleep & wake up, over a week, a month, & 90 days

• Wake-up Score: Evaluate wake-up speed

• Sleepiness Rating: Assess sleepiness levels

• Trends: Learn about your sleep 

TAVO's Benefits

Feel Energized

Wake up naturally, feeling calm, recharged, and rested. 

TAVO gently alerts you during light sleep with a soothing wrist vibration.

Improves Sleep Health

Uncover groggy mornings. Instantly gain insights into your sleep patterns and understand your body's sleep quality.

A Better Wake-up
TAVO wakes you in light sleep silently, without sound, ensuring no disturbance to you or others. 

Sleep Cycle Tracking

TAVO predicts and tracks how many sleep cycles you've completed, revolutionizing your understanding of how many cycles you complete.
Patented Technology
TAVO is a revolutionary patented sleep technology.

Improve Brain Function
Waking up in light sleep allows you to make clearer decisions and be more alert throughout the day.

TAVO's Benefits

TAVO vs Phone Alarm

In a small batch analysis using 100 beta testers, we were able to determine the effects of using a TAVO vs your phone alarm.


Phone Alarm

Sleep Disruption

Habitual Snoozing

Stress and Anxiety

Designed Only for Sleep

Wakes You at the Most Natural Time


Take Perfect Power Naps

Educates About Sleep

Make your life easier with TAVO

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TAVO Alarm?

The TAVO Alarm is a state-of-the-art wearable smart alarm clock designed for the modern sleeper. It offers a new, innovative way to start your day by waking you up silently and during your light sleep.

Why choose TAVO over traditional alarm clocks?

TAVO offers a more natural and calming way to wake up. Unlike traditional alarm clocks that rely on loud sounds to jolt you awake, TAVO uses a gentle buzz that only you can feel, eliminating the need for disruptive and potentially stressful sounds.

Why is TAVO silent?

TAVO was designed to provide a more natural and peaceful waking experience. Waking up to sound has become the norm, but it can be unnatural and disturbing for both you and those around you. TAVO aims to change this by providing a calming, silent buzz that wakes you up more peacefully.

How does the TAVO Alarm work?

The TAVO Alarm uses advanced algorithms to track your sleep cycle and wake you up during your light sleep stage. This ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

How does TAVO wake me up?

Instead of using sound, TAVO uses gentle vibrations on a pressure point under your wrist to signal that it is time to wake up. This allows you to wake up discreetly, without disturbing others.

Will the TAVO Alarm work for heavy sleepers?

Yes! Traditional alarms can be ineffective for heavy sleepers because they try to wake you up during deep sleep, when your body is less responsive.

TAVO, on the other hand, only wakes you up during a light sleep stage when your body is ready to wake up.

TAVO also has several vibration strength and speed options to help you get used to the alarm.

What is a sleep cycle and why is it important to wake up during light sleep?

Humans sleep in 90-minute cycles. In those 90 minutes, we cycle through 4 stages: Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) 1, 2 & 3, and Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

NREM 1 and NREM 2 are known as light sleep, NREM 3 is deep sleep and REM is your dream sleep. Being awakened in deep or dream sleep leaves you feeling tired and groggy.

This is because our brain undergoes essential processes while we sleep. When these processes are interrupted it can result in us waking up feeling what we call "groggy."

Waking up in light sleep is when your body is most awake and when you will feel the best after waking up.